Luca Draccar Releases New EP ‘419’

Luca Draccar, a music producer who emerged from the famed Berlin music scene, has been an insatiably active artist in the market, contributing his multifarious skill sets to a series of singles and projects since his debut.

Now, in 2021, after many chapters of musical progression and artistic expressions, Luca Draccar has put together an EP project with three tracks that are mind-bogglingly versatile, and futuristic. Draccar’s new EP leads with hypnotic rhythms and dreamlike melodies as it pours through the speakers, freshly blending the nostalgia and eternal embrace of techno with a current, crisp and clean production approach with lashings of innovation.

It begins with a clear level of individuality to establish Draccar’s own style, infusing a great balance between familiarity and artistry. The songs and instrumental selections have a somewhat distorted feel to them. Be sure to dive in below to the 15 minutes of techno goodness.




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