Madeon’s ‘All My Friends’ Arrives After Nearly Three Years Of Silence

Today Madeon has ended an almost 3 year break from new music thanks to “All My Friends” which is out today, his previous release being ‘Shelter‘ with Porter Robinson back in 2016. “All My Friends” is an incredible piece of music that was well worth the wait. While we continue to smash the repeat button on this all day we’re now waiting with excitement for what’s to come next from the talented French prodigy.

Opening with the filtered layered vocals we first heard in the teaser yesterday during the roll out of the announcement, the track transitions quickly into the lead vocal in its full glory, which is sung by none other than Madeon himself. Don’t be surprised if you’re singing along by the end. The delicate cinematic sounds, funky and futuristic instrumental soundscape combine to transport you into a speeding highway across the universe . The intricate production is a fresh direction from the producer but components of the old Madeon shine clearly through on his updated sound which will without hesitation make waves in music.

With a potential album in the works, now that Madeon is back we cannot wait for more incredible music and hopefully some new live shows.

Depending on your territory, the Spotify player may not work. Until it’s live for you, enjoy the teaser in the YouTube video.





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