Madeon & EARTHGANG Put A Hip-Hop Spin On ‘No Fear No More’

After teasing it last week, Madeon has released the first remix from his Good Faith project – coming from himself and EARTHGANG.

‘No Fear No More’ is one of the highlights of Good Faith and together with EARTHGANG – they bring a hip hop spin to it. It’s not your typical dance music remix, more of a extra vocal addition. This edit builds on top of an already incredible production, providing a different and creative take.

Madeon has a plethora of Good Faith edits that have been heard throughout his sets, hopefully the release of this version sees others follow.

Interestingly, while the entire Good Faith album and singles were released by Columbia Records, this ‘No Fear No More’ edit seems to be an individual/no label release.

Speaking about the collaboration, Madeon said, “EARTHGANG have been doing amazing things for a while now, they’re one of the most creative acts around. I’m so excited they joined me on ‘No Fear No More’, their contribution is more than I could have imagined, and has brought an entirely new dimension to the song.”

The duo behind EARTHGANG added, “We want to give people the strength to believe in themselves and their dreams no matter what.”





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