Madeon ‘Good Faith’ Album Release Date & Tracklist Revealed

After a slew of precious singles, Madeon has now provided us with solid information regarding the forthcoming LP.

It will be released November 15th, which falls on a Friday – the day where music is released. We have had 3 singles so far and will now get the other 8 that are included in the album. Madeon fans are understandably hyped, we’ll be with them in anticipating the album over the next couple weeks!

fan on Reddit spotted the album being registered with ASCAP, meaning this tracklist is very much confirmed. Rips on YouTube are being taken down as well, meaning that the album has been provided to DSP’s. This is not a surprise considering it will be out in two weeks.

The tracklist is as follows;

Dream Dream Dream
All My Friends
Be Fine
No Fear No More
Hold Me Just Because
Heavy With Hoping




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