Madison Olds Releases Sparkly New Single ‘Best Part of Me’

Madison Old kicks off her 2020 campaign with ‘Best Part of Me’, with a rich instrumental and Madison’s talented vocals – there isn’t a better way to musically debut this decade!

“I remember sitting in the studio, starting to write this song and had been tired of pretending to hide bad days,” explains Kamloops, BC’s pop-infused singer-songwriter Madison Olds about her effervescent new single ‘Best Part of Me’. She adds, “I think my exact words were, ‘It feels really good to just sit on the floor, cry and give into an anxiety attack.’ This song is meant to make the listeners feel reassured with taking a moment to just feel sad. You don’t always have to be happy or even okay all the time.” 

‘Best Part of Me’ showcases Madison’s impressive vocals throughout the first single of her upcoming sophomore EP. The track has all the key ingredients for a successful record so don’t be surprised when you hear it everywhere! If ‘Best Part of Me’ is any indication of the quality on the forthcoming EP, we cannot wait!

The song came to be when Madison took a writing trip to Nashville. After some inconvenient and expensive troubles due to a rainstorm, she finally took the leap to get to the re-scheduled writing session. “I think because I was already feeling scared and was in a heightened state of mind, writing a song about anxiety kind of just felt like the only thing I could write about that day,” she explains. “I know it’s so hard to see a moment of mental disparity as a good thing, but I attribute my low mental state as a blessing that trip.”

Produced and mixed by award-winning producer Ryan Worsley (Dear Rouge, Nuela Charles, Mathew V) at Echoplant Studios and mastered by Chris Gehringer (Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Drake) at Sterling Sound, “Best Part of Me” was created from a “moment of mental disparity.”

While ‘Best Part of Me’ was specifically written for acknowledging your mental health and making time for self-care, Madison thinks the lyrics can resonate with a lot of people struggling to cope with the current state of our society. “I can only imagine the anxiety, depression and anger people are feeling right now and I think ‘Best Part of Me’ can help to reassure that while it feels like the world is burning or even ending, it’s okay to take a day, cry it out and then get back in the saddle and kick some ass the next day.”




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