Mahalo & Milkwish Come Together to Unleash Minimalistic Track 'Social Experiment'


Los Angeles based producer DJ Mahalo collaborates with tech house Polish producer Milkwish for their second collaboration together under Perfect Havoc’s label.

‘Social Experiment‘ has a killer melody and it capitalizes on that. The main melody almost runs through the whole track, and its deserves that amount of attention. It’s a very minimalistic production that relies on the melodies and overall vibe of the track to take center stage.

Mahalo & Milkwish debuted their first collaboration on Enhanced’s Colorize label back in August 2018 which saw support from a range of high profile names such as Tiesto, Gorgon City, Hardwell, Hexlogic, Sebastian Busto, Liquid Todd and Austin Kramer on Spotify.

‘Social Experiment‘ is out now