Releases New EP on ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective

Over the past four years,  ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective has established itself as a distinguished source for quality and diverse releases. Last month, they released a five-track EP titled “blush” from Nashville duo, Each song builds on the other to create a wonderfully cohesive twelve-minute experience. 

blush starts off with ‘maybe’ which sets the tone and atmosphere for what’s to come. Breathy vocals and soft pads mingle with guitar hooks to effectively kick things off. Next comes ‘is that what you want?’ which ramps up the energy with stronger percussion and a sense of groove that highlights the stunning vocals. The veritable climax of the set comes in the form of the third track, ‘all u.’ It tackles the idea that sometimes people get so engrossed with their own thoughts that they can’t hear what others are saying. This theme comes through in the ethereal instrumentation that pervades the track. ‘SNDR.demo’ serves as the interlude and helps with the comedown from ‘all u’ before ‘easily’ eloquently closes out the pack. 

Fans of Foreign Family Collective and unique music, in general, should rejoice at the release of this five-track collection from Be sure to embrace their work by adding it to your playlist using the links below. 

Listen to “Blush” below:

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