Thomas Xavier Rolls Out 3rd Single From EP ‘Make That Kitty Purr’

Thomas Xavier is almost to the end of the reveal campaign for 4-track EP ‘Pussy On A Pedestal, “Make That Kitty Purr” being the 3rd and leaving just one more until the entire EP is out. Up until this point, electrifying, feel good G-house has been the main course delivered from Thomas Xavier. “Ballin,” “Can’t Stop Me,” and now Go To Church EP being prime examples of the spectrum of sounds he wants to be known for.

“Make That Kitty Purr,” continues to embody the feel-good G-house all of his releases have shared, the difference being “Make That Kitty Purr,” is one of the more wilder, more experimental of the bunch. Connecting this single with the name of the EP, the puns are out of the cage. Staying true to the theme, Thomas Xavier adds to the femininity on the single, featuring his girlfriend Erika Love as the vocalist.

Since May, Thomas Xavier has broke ground regarding streams, shows, and label releases at a rapid pace. User Friendly signed the EP just before this one while iamrecords has signed this current one. He’s opened up for BIJOU, Claude Von Stroke, and Volac in the USA. Played Tempo Ultra Lounge in Las Vegas, and is set to tackle shows in Orlando as well.

All signs point toward this guy not slowing his music-making roll, once this EP is out in full, don’t stop watching: What he will do next is near-guaranteed to be even more epic.





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