Mako Drops Incredible Sophomore Album ‘Fable’

Mako has today released his newest LP; Fable. The 11 track album is an incredible body of work and brilliantly incorporates of indie, pop and electronic elements to create a fresh sound in 2020.

Following the release of their debut album Hourglass in 2016, Alex Seaver took the reins of the Mako project as a solo endeavor. Honing in on his rich background as music producer, songwriter, and instrumentalist, Seaver has created an unparalleled masterpiece with his sophomore album, Fable. Since the release of Hourglass in 2016, Mako has been diligently crafting his reimagined signature sound in the studio, subsequently releasing six singles to build momentum for the album’s eventual release. 

The album is simply incredible. The production and singing is next level, creating an impeccable collection of music that has great replay value. There are no stand out songs in the album, due to literally every track being amazing, something that does not often happen with albums.

Mako solidifies himself as a true talent in the music world, if you have not yet, stop what you’re doing and listen to the album.




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