Has Malaa Been Arrested During Set in San Diego?

DJ and producer, Malaa who’s identity is currently unknown to the public has reportedly had been arrested during his set at BASSMNT in San Diego on Saturday night.

From the footage uploaded to twitter, the “Notorious” producer was seen to be cuffed and escorted out of the venue by officers while still playing to a full club. The occurrence happened only a few minutes after his scheduled set time.

Many fans on social media were quick to comment that it could be a publicity stunt citing the fact his mask was kept on during the arrest which would be rather convenient. Meanwhile others have speculated it could be local PD because he was either smoking inside or had kept playing past the venues curfew. Some more extreme suggestions implied it was ICE due to his visa, but we think that would be unlikely given he’s scheduled to play Ultra next week and while this has happened in India in the past it’s rare in the US.

So given the lack of real reason the stunt theory has the biggest weight, however if he’s charged with an offence his details would become public record shortly after, ending one of the best kept alias in dance music in an iconic way.

In the end as some social media users point out that one of the “officers” appears in an arrest prank by David Dobrik. So if it is a stunt, we wonder what Malaa has in store ahead of his Ultra set next week, perhaps a creative and on brand way to announce an Album.

Video credit: @toristuht




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