Man Cub Delivers Sensational Debut Album ‘Impressions’

American producer Man Cub brings his debut album Impressions to London outfit Enhanced Recordings.

Originating from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Man Cub aka Alec Berve is a multi-faceted music producer who has cultivated his own signature brand of emotive dance/future bass through a host of impressive singles since 2018.

Having already released a handful of singles beforehand, we got a picture of what to expect – yet the result is still incredible. Listening through the thirteen records, there is a level of both consistency and differentiation across the album story: resulting in a perfect album. Impression further showcases Man Cub’s impeccable sound design and melody creation.

Leading up to Impressions Man Cub has unveiled some of his most exciting work yet, with singles like ‘Wrong To Let You Go’ and ‘Good Enough’ both demonstrating an artist who is truly coming into his own. Transitioning from softly impassioned, guitar-lead verses into dynamic, hard-hitting choruses, Man Cub’s songs on ‘Impressions’ are a thrilling ride and an invigorating exploration of the emotional power of energetic dance music.

The album features an abundance of collaborators across the thirteen tracks. With the likes of label heads Tritonal, APEK, HALIENE and many more making an appearance.

On the album, Man Cub said “This album was an exploration of what I could do musically by embracing my influences rather than fighting them, and trying to develop myself as an artist in the process. Many of these songs are genuinely very personal, so it’s also a small snapshot into this time of my life. Hopefully my music resonates with some people out there.”




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