Manic Focus Breaks Down The Genre Barriers With New Album, ‘Never Not Blue’

Denver-based musical innovator Manic Focus has made a monumental return with his brand new LP, Never Not Blue. Opening with “Synchronization”, the lead single encompasses powerful lyrics that tell the story of Manic Focus’s first manic episode. He explains over a mystifying instrumental how he was diagnosed with Bipolar 1 disorder. This unique beginning foreshadows how Never Not Blue serves as a way for Manic Focus to channel his personal battle with mania and depression, diving into the various emotional states and stages of Bipolar 1.

Altogether, this visionary album features four different stages, separated by reality-distorting interludes. In the Stage II song, “Blamma”, Manic Focus fuses heavy progressions of wubz with robotic soundscapes to electrify its audience. Meanwhile, Stage III’s “Introverted” is more chill and an electro-soul anthem. It weaves in sentimental vocals with celestial piano melodies and beautiful effects. Closing out Never Not Blue is “Desynchronization”, which is a cinematic and psychedelic sonic adventure.

The rest of the pieces of Never Not Blue are just as entrancing, provoking listeners to look deeper into themselves as they get lost in Manic Focus’s incredible sound design. Having performed at the prominent festivals of North Coast Music Festival, Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, Hulaween, and more, it comes as no surprise that Manic Focus is reigning in the future of experimental bass. This prodigal artist aims to continue to show his rare set of skills and creativity om his 2023 touring dates.

Manic Focus Tour Dates
3/30/23: Headliner Music Hall w/ Jaenga | Louisville, KY
3/31/23: BLVD Nights | Kansas City, MO
4/8/23: Red Rocks Amphitheatre w/ Vincent Antone | Morrison, CO
4/14/23: El Club w/ Boogie T | Detroit, MI
4/15/23: Asheville Music Hall w/ Meduso | Asheville, NC
4/21/23: The Get Down w/ Kaptain | Portland, OR
4/22/23: Public Works w/ Kaipora & Kaptain | San Francisco, CA
4/28/23: Fine Line | Minneapolis, MN
4/29/23: Elevation | Grand Rapids, MI
5/7/23: Sol Fest | New Brockton, AL
5/13/23: Black Box | Charlotte, NC
5/20/23: Believe | Atlanta, GA
5/25 – 5/28/23: Summer Camp Music Festival | Chillicothe, IL




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