Marc Antonix And Revaeon Join Forces For Jaw-Dropping Single ‘Flashback’

Based out of the booming music hub of Los Angeles, Marc Antonix is a forward-thinking producer set on turning the music industry on its head. Continuing to build momentum with his recent hit “Let You Go”, Marc has earned support from the likes of Don Diablo, Afrojack, The Chaninsmokers, and other notable headlining acts. Encompassing groundbreaking sound design and experimental basslines in his work, Marc is at the forefront of the electro-house scene.

Now, furthering his commendable library of breathtaking originals, Marc has teamed up with fellow artist Revaeon on their new single “Flashback”. Opening with an uplifting melody, Marc and Revaeon utilize echoing and reverb effects to grow anticipation within the listener. Suddenly, the bassline hits, and a powerful progression of futuristic tones takes over.

As the buildup exponentially flourishes with energy, heavenly vocal chops and crisp snare rolls are added into the mix. When the song drops, a whirlwind of sound and emotion is thrown into the speakers, creating a euphoric atmosphere for the audience. Via Marc and Revaeon’s mastery of production and innovative music-oriented mindsets, “Flashback” is an anthem that transports listeners to the early days of rave culture.

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