Martin Garrix & Dean Lewis Unite on Fresh New Track ‘Used To Love’

This time around, superstar Martin Garrix takes the commercial route with his collaboration with Australian talent Dean Lewis. With strong vocals and a friendly electro pop instrumental, this release has a lot of potential in the mainstream. 

Written whilst Martin was on hiatus due to his ankle injury, months later it has hit the airwaves. This will no doubt be a favourite of fans who side with the commercial sound from the Dutchman. 

The track emits a familiar Garrix sound with a fresh twist. His production quality was never in question and this track makes that apparent. As evident by the lyrics as with the song title, the track brings forward emotions brilliantly vocalised by Dean Lewis.

The production was assisted by frequent Avicii and Martin Garrix co-producers Albin Nedler and Kristoffer Fogelmark (Bonn). They have worked with Garrix on most of the commercial side of his catalog.

Martin has been vocal in the past regarding his understandable negativity towards his tracks bring leaked. In this instance, for ‘Used To Love’ Garrix did not play it anywhere. So this is the first time it has been heard, even for the die hard fans.

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