Martin Garrix & Matisse & Sadko Round Out The Decade With ‘Hold On’

The highly anticipated ID that appeared in Martin’s October sets is now here. Teaming up with Matisse & Sadko, this marks their sixth project. On vocals and songwriting duties is Michel Zitron and John Martin, who previously worked with Martin on ‘Now That I Found You’.

Like past Garrix x Matisse & Sadko partnerships, ‘Hold On’ emits vibrant progressive melodies that follow the build up until the climax. The lead tantalises and creates a stimulating atmosphere which is delved into deeper with the drop. It is clear why fans have desired this track since their first listen. ‘Hold On’ is a terrific gift to fans to finish off the decade.

Listening closely, there are so many little sounds that really tie this production together. You can tell the production trio put immense effort into this release.

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