Martin Garrix Set To Release Dean Lewis Collaboration ‘Used To Love’ This Thursday

The anticipated collaboration will reach fans ears this Thursday; coincidentally Halloween. Martin has teamed up with Australian artist Dean Lewis for most likely a more commercially focused production.

On 17 June 2019, Garrix and Lewis posted a photo of themselves on Instagram with the following comment left by the DJ: “I live for days like this!”

He then said at Lollapalooza Brazil, “This track was made during my break while I was recovering from my ankle injury. Dean and I are super excited to share it with the world!” Indeed, it was recorded during the two months prior his announcement, in July and August in Garrix’s studio in Amsterdam.

What is interesting regarding the release is the lack of playtime and teasers. This track has not appeared in Martin’s sets and there is not a single legit preview on the internet. Martin has been vocal regarding leaks and this may be a new strategy to avoid them. The other possibility is that is the track is too commercial even for his sets, what ever the reason – we will finally hear the full release on his own imprint STMPD come Thursday October 31st.




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