Martin Garrix Unveils Heavily-Anticipated Season 4 Of ‘The Martin Garrix Show’

Martin Garrix is well known for his dedication towards his fans and supporters, and part of this philanthropy centers around his effort to illustrate the highlights and nuances of his own life. Dubbed ‘The Martin Garrix Show’, the production is now in its fourth season, with its first episode having been premiered today to a wide-eyed audience. The first episode takes a close look into his action-packed time in the ever-dynamic city of Las Vegas.

The episode starts off at EDC and further highlights his other gigs in his stint at Las Vegas, including an ankle injury which forced him to cancel quite a few shows to recover. Even as he recuperates back in his home at Amsterdam, his optimism and charisma, which fans adore about him, is apparent in his words.

Find out more about his exploits in Vegas and his journey through his injury in this first episode of Season 4 of the up-close-and-personal The Martin Garrix Show; make sure to keep a tab as he drops the successors to this episode over the coming weeks.

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