Martin Garrix Releases His Latest Pop Offering: ‘These Are The Times’ With JRM

After badly injuring his ankle in Las Vegas, Martin Garrix is back touring with a special crutch for support whilst performing. For his first release back on tour, Martin has offered his single ‘These Are The Times’ together with JRM on vocals.

JRM is relatively unknown, with his most notable features including ‘Just To Feel Alive’ with Sam Feldt as well as ‘Imported’ with Jessie Reyez. There’s no doubt that JRM will be a lot more prevalent following this release.

Martin Garrix tends to sway between his electronic/club tracks and his pop releases, which allows die hard old school fans to appreciate his music as well as assisting Martin Garrix into the mainstream section. This release definitely falls into the latter category.

The excellent vocals from JRM fuse together with the exceptional instrumental production from Garrix to create a tune that enters the realm of both pop and club music. Martin’s incredible melodies enter a new level with this song, along with the sound design; the track is very Avicii-esque.

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