Mary Droppinz Heads to Desert Hearts Festival

Mary Droppinz

Fun-loving, fierce, and full of flair, Alyssa Johnson (who is better known as Mary Droppinz) is set to take on the fashion forward and ever so dreamy Desert Hearts Festival this weekend at their new Northern Arizona venue, Playa Ponderosa. For anyone snoozing on Johnson’s salacious brand of energetic bass-infused house music, check out this multi-hyphenate DJs inimitable flavor in fast paced bangers like “La Discoteca”, “Pink Lambo”, and on LP Giobbi’s famed Femme House label the unexpected drum and bass track “Everything is Energy”. With songs like these, she’s sure to win over even the most refined palates among dance music lovers.

In addition to crushing stages and blowing minds, she’s fast becoming one of the most loved artists at world famous venues like Colorado’s Red Rocks, San Francisco’s Midway, and New York’s House of Yes. In fact, her style was also hyped recently by the music industry maven Lisa Kocay in Forbes where she was dubbed a “Multifaceted Sonic Storyteller”.

To learn more about Mary Droppinz and her always-on energy, CULTR sat down with her for a bit for the inside scoop. Here’s what she had to say.

CULTR: What’s a piece of advice you’d give yourself if you could go back in time to the day before your first time DJing?

Johnson: Start making music and working with people passionate about your project even if they aren’t a proper management firm you can still build this as a team.

CULTR: How did the team up with LP Giobbi and Femme House come about?

Johnson: i met LP in 2017 when i was a marketing manager at native instruments, i hooked her up with some gear as i was focused on getting more female artists access to NI’s hardware and software. we clicked instantly and she found out i was teaching traktor dj classes at activations and asked if id join her at a girls rock summer camp and teach djing while she taught producing, our bond and partnership really continued to blossom from there, we are sisters!

CULTR: What’s something you’ve learned teaching others that has enriched your life and your love of music?

Johnson: To give yourself time, if you let go of the instant gratification and just respect the process and most importantly trust yourself and your path this whole thing is way more rewarding when you receive your flowers and it keeps the passion for all of this alive, often so many artists get jaded after time because they don’t give themself that and expect to be popping right off of the bat and forever. there is flow and faith needed in this business.

CULTR: How did working for Native Instruments shape your ability to perform onstage?

Johnson: Native instruments was an incredible job i had, they championed employees who were also trying to make it as a dj and super understanding when i had gigs and totally supportive of me sharing that. they took note on my skills and stage presence, ultimately having me teaching dj classes online and at in person activations. LP Giobbi is truly the person i met while at native that influenced my career!

CULTR: What’s your favorite part about Desert Hearts Festival?

Johnson: The community and the vibes, that’s all I need!

CULTR: What gear/tech do you use in the studio and onstage? Is there a must have piece of gear that you bring with you on the road?

Johnson: i use pioneer cdj 3000s and a 900 nexus 2 mixer that’s my favorite set up. i will bring a dub siren out with me to special shows to really get it poppin 🙂 i haven’t seen many artists do that before so i like to think it’s really my thing.

CULTR: How do you hope to be remembered?

Johnson: For changing the game and being the most diverse dj/producer that isn’t known for a single sound but for the experience, the community cultivated, and my energy.

For more on Mary Droppinz, follow her on Instagram and Facebook or check out her tracks on Spotify.




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