Masked Wolf & Bebe Rexha Drop Massive Collaboration Titled ‘It’s You, Not Me (Sabotage)’

A rapper and a pop artist, both huge names in their own right within the industry, have made what some may say the impossible come true. Masked Wolf and Bebe Rexha conjoin two dynamically different styles in one go and crafted their efforts into a surefire soon-to-be-hit. “It’s You, Not Me (Sabotage),” is the result of their collaborative hard-work, boasting multiple moods and a smooth flow all in one go.

“It’s You, Not Me (Sabotage),” is a reenvision of Bebe Rexha’s song “Sabotage,” off of her Better Mistakes album, the new version has an upgrade in swagger and a prominent edge to it.

With Masked Wolf up for Artist of The Year via 2021 American Music Awards and Bebe Rexha being a 2x-Platinum certified artist who has been all over the Billboard Hot 100, it’s hard to imagine a better intersection of highly-demand talents to see what they cook up.

Masked Wolf and Bebe Rexha each explain a bit more behind the single.

“‘It’s You, Not Me (Sabotage)’ is about standing up for yourself in a relationship. Rather than waiting to hear the old cliché ‘it’s me, not you,’ this song is about confronting the situation and addressing it head-on by saying, ‘I know it’s you and I don’t want to be around this anymore.’ As soon as I heard Bebe’s original, the verses just started to pour out and I knew I had to be on it.”
– Masked Wolf

“‘Sabotage’ is a song that really means a lot to me personally. I love the twist Masked Wolf put on it and the way he was able to transform the ballad into a completely new sound.”
– Bebe Rexha




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