Masked Wolf Drops Stunning ‘Astronomical’ Mixtape

Known for his hit single ‘Astronaut In The Ocean’, Australian rapper Masked Wolf has released his first body of work in the form of the 17 track Astronomical mixtape.

The mixtape consists of largely solo outings, however X Ambassadors, NICOLOSI and an idol of Masked Wolf’s Kevin Gates appear throughout the collection.

The mixtape begins with the title track ‘Astronomical’, a fitting intro production that is paired with Masked Wolf’s signature vocal. Other standouts include the ‘Razor’s Edge’ with X Ambassadors (which was released as a single just last week). ‘Pandemonium’ is another great record with its infectious and unique instrumental.

The album is a great representation of the Masked Wolf project. He manages to include more chill songs that comprise more of a singing focus with the likes of ‘Ain’t Gonna Change’ and ‘Interstellar’. Then there are dark and aggressive rap anthems such as ‘Gravity Gliding’ and ‘Where’s Wally’.

‘Tightrope’ balances Masked Wolf’s confessions with a high register hook from NICOLOSI.  An engine hums on ‘Thief In The Night’ before multiplatinum Baton Rouge superstar Kevin Gates locks into a verbal crossfire with Masked Wolf, unfurling as an otherworldly rap masterclass. Astronomical blasts off with an intergalactic vision of hip-hop unlike anything else in the game.

Currently on tour in Europe and America, Masked Wolf has come a long way in under a year. Whilst the world ingests Astronomical, fans will continue to flock to the superstar who can do no wrong. For hip-hop fans around the world, this is a must listen.




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