Martron Delivers Futuristic Soundscapes In New Single, ‘Sun Goes Down’

Setting the vibe for spring time and everyone’s pool day playlist, Martron is back with his new track, “Sun Goes Down”. Immediately lifting the spirits of its audience, the song opens with a soothing piano progression layered with delicate synths. Once the vocals are introduced, it is easy to get lost in the beauty of the sound design in “Sun Goes Down”. Tantalizing echoes and dreamy effects ring out as the uplifting anthem transitions into a sequence of chill future bass.

Talking on the deeper meaning of this original, Martron says, “‘Sun Goes Down’ is about wanting to hold on to the things or people you cherish the most, while at the same time knowing you need to let go of some of those things or people to move forward. To take risks and enjoy life with the people you love while freeing yourself of what burdens you and holds you back. Having made some major changes in my life over the past few months, this is something I’ve had to learn and now embrace.”

This mesmerizing dance hit is just the beginning of a huge year for Martron. With more than 50 songs in the works and a ton of collaborations, the road ahead looks promising for this innovative artist.

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