Matt Fax Shines With Sophomore Album ‘Progressions’

Just like his first album Contrast, Matt Fax lands on Enhanced sub-label; Colorize. Progressions is the perfect name for the LP as it takes you on a progressive journey with delicate melodies and mesmerizing chords felt throughout the 17 productions.

Progressions is a bold, expansive exploration of progressive house music, on which Matt Fax pushes boundaries and proves his polished, mesmerising sound is second-to-none. His second album sees the youthful producer emerge with a confident, assured approach, his experience allowing him to effortlessly craft fresh, breathtaking prog anthems that swell from nuanced to grandiose. With truly stellar production across the project with its finely-calibrated synth textures, banging, refined bass and an inescapable, relentless groove, Matt Fax finds a luscious sweet spot across these seventeen tracks.

The album brings the perfect blend of calming melodies and banging beats – resulting in diverse soundscapes that still have a consistent nature to them.

Matt Fax states; “This album marks a brand new era for me. It showcases a darker and more melancholic sound than what I’ve been releasing so far, it totally defines me as the person I am today. I wanted to push the boundaries of my sound and explore new territories I couldn’t explore previously due to my lack of knowledge. I worked a full year, almost 24/7, on 60+ tracks to be able to select the best of the best to put on the record.”




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