Max M Drops Refreshing New Single ‘Imaginary Problems’

Max M is back with a brand new hit in ‘Imaginary Problems’, serving as his sixth release so far.

The artist is also a respected IT professional, regarded as one of the best French computer science individuals. Through this profession, Max M is a former start up CEO, holding a patent in the US. Since his passion for music begain while he was 14, he has lived a double life between IT and music.

Max M has a number of records hitting half a million streams on Spotify and ‘Imaginary Problems’ is sure to follow in their footsteps!

His newest release creates an amalgamation of the synth, rhythmic beat, foundational bass, and
prominent vocal line, create a dance sound that is uplifting and melodically memorable. Max M’s composition layers multiple vocal lines systematically, particularly in the chorus, creating a powerful sound. The mix is well balanced, with each element of instrumentation complimenting one another without dominating the melodic flow.




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