Max M Releases Dope New Remix Of ‘Lets Ride’

Max M’s newest single lasts two minutes and thirty seven seconds and sits at a smooth 118bpm. The track commences with an eight second introduction that combines subtle percussion, effected vocalizations, and phased/delayed instrumentation; setting the melodic tone for the proceeding verse. 

The vocal color is clean and utilizes a partial pitch shift that adds a stylistic quality to the overall sound. The main body of the instrumentation kicks in at the 0:40 mark and resultantly forms a melodic hook that is memorable and unique. An effected palm-muted playing style creates an auditory layer that is used systematically throughout the track (check out an example at 1:38); providing a rhythmic flow for the instrumentation when the beat drops out. 

From the well balanced mix to the creative and captivating amalgamation of instrumental layers, fans of Max M, as well as those who appreciate new and creative Dance, will definitely want to hear this single! Make sure you follow Max M on social media to keep up to date with upcoming releases and performances!




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