Max Styler Exhibits Euphoric House Vibes On ‘Body High’ LP

Max Styler combines piano house, euphoric vibes and dance-inducing beats for his latest collection of works, the 7 track Body High LP.

With 4 of the tracks previously released, Max Styler opts for a darker and more underground approach to the new singles. With some slight acid inspiration, the tracks are perfect for any house set – in particular a Love Regenerator one. The album breaks down the dance barrier, with certain tracks definitely having potential for the commercial landscape.

“My life is music, making music is one of the only things that gives me a true feeling of a body high and I wanted to dedicate this body of work to that feeling,” said Styler.“…90s rave/house music was a big influence on Body High. That era of dance music had an undeniable energy and uplifting spirit to it and that’s exactly what the world needs right now.”

Max Styler brings a refreshing house sound to Dim Mak with this LP, the perfect body of work for any quarantine party.

Max Styler – Body High Tracklist
1. Body High (feat. Sanna Martinez)
2. Let Me Take You There (feat. Laura White)
3. Echo Over Me
4. Back To Me (feat. Jimmy Nevis)
5. Disco Pop
6. Got The Feeling
7. Body High (feat. Sanna Martinez) [Dub Mix]




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