Megan Kashat & Zeni N Release Confessional Deep House Track ‘Million Tears’

Iraqi American singer/songwriter, Megan Kashat has teamed up with Albanian music producer Zeni N, to create what she describes as a “confessional love story that you can dance to in celebration of overcoming your fears and losses.” Her goal was to bring storytelling back to songwriting and that’s exactly what she did in this latest release ‘Million Tears’

The song is introduced by the beautiful punching vocals from Megan. This, together with the right instrumentation of the carefully thought out production from Zeni creates a bright sound that complements the melancholy vocal.  He managed to create the perfect contrast as the tune builds in just the right gradient featuring a bass driven drop.

Megan is no novice to the songwriting world having begun the craft at the age of 9 years old, her work speaks for itself in that she was classically trained and dedicated to her studies as a songstress and vocalist. As for Zeni N, the self -taught music producer who has climbed the ranks quickly in his 6 years of music production. After starting his label Three Dot house in 2013 to have a more self contained music output. With 243 releases later and having over 50 million streams across releases, it’s grow into into something else!

‘Million Tears‘ is out now through Zeni N’s Three Dot House imprint.





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