Mel Ody & Like Lions Present Their Ode To “Oizys” With New Single

We could never stray away from a good tearjerker of a record. Tuning back into the world of Mel Ody, there aren’t many that can replicate the emotion dressed in each of his productions. Linking up with singer/songwriter Like Lions, the two lay it all out on new single “Oizys.”

“I’ve always had a fascination with Greek Mythology, and I think the stories behind some of the Gods and Goddesses still hold a lot of relevance today in terms of human nature and the human condition. While loneliness is technically just a feeling and not a tangible thing, sometimes it can feel so personified, like it’s this presence everywhere you go. Writing “Oizys” I wanted to paint a picture of this Goddess of loneliness and anxiety sort of refusing to leave your life, and the fight to regain your freedom from depression or anxiety and loneliness.”

– Like Lions

The track’s enchanting presence offers a rush of emotions like no other. Leaving you stuck in a pit of vulnerability, you’ll find yourself distraught after opening up to the sounds and styles of Mel Ody. Kicking the year off, it will be exciting to follow the producer along the way.


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