Mel Ody Returns With Pop Anthem “Flying”

Having already released melancholic single “Oizys” featuring singer Like Lions earlier this year via Lacuna, his latest single “Flying” marks a fairly big change of pace for Greek producer Mel Ody. 

Out via tastemaker label Suit of Bullets, “Flying” undoubtedly sounds like a pop anthem. Driven by the voice of a charismatic female singer, the song is an uplifting showcase of creative production and songwriting, that still maintains an innocent and playful aesthetic. Lush atmospheres introduce listeners to the vibe while the vocals drive the song forward, before the chorus explodes with the help of brass stabs and impactful drums. 

“It’s been almost a year since I started working on “Flying”; I was at my second home in the country side, probably my calmest time of 2019,” explains Mel Ody. “At that time I was feeling like I wanted to explore different genres and tempos, and when I came across that sparkly little piano riff, as well as those beautiful vocal chops who set the fundamentals for the song, I knew I had something.”




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