MEMBA and Levus Alone Team Up to “Meet Freedom”

The road to release for MEMBA’s latest track on ODESZA’s imprint has been four years in the making. It began when longtime co-writer, Levus Alone, recorded the vocals for the track while working at Bingo in Leeds. After sitting on the recording for a while MEMBA got inspired to revisit the file and frame it into the wonderfully unique track that just got released at the tail end of January. 

The single features MEMBA’s signature cinematic sound building up the pitched vocals from Levus Alone. The drop appears to be a unique blend of future bass, midtempo and trap which carries the emotional notes from the breakdown and adds a bit of dark energy into the mix. In addition to the single, MEMBA will also be kicking off a new American tour in April with revamped visuals from their highly acclaimed SAGA-II experience. 

MEMBA shared some words about the upcoming show:
“We’ve been waiting for the chance to put on our own immersive show since we started MEMBA in 2015. Everything we’ve been doing has been leading up to this tour. We’ve built brand new instruments, inflatable eggs – that’s all we can say. We’re trying to put together an experience unlike you’ve ever seen before. We’ll be bringing special guests, characters, a giant puppet and more. We’re excited to show everyone what our project is really about.”

They’re certainly going to be ones to watch so make sure you’re following their escapades on social media. As for Levus Alone, well the name says it all right there. MEMBA states, “He’s one of the most talented people we’ve worked with and he really does like to be left alone.” Be sure to enjoy their latest collaboration using the links below. 





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