Midnight Kids Share Stunning Debut EP, ‘The Lost Youth’

An unstoppable force of sheer talent, Midnight Kids have surprised no one with their meteoric rise in popularity, fueled by an impressive arsenal of high-profile remixes and a few precious singles through which their inspired and upbeat sound shines. Although they released originals slowly but surely, the cryptic titles hidden within the artwork their 2019 hit ‘Run It‘ seemed to hint at a bigger project in the works. Indeed, the very same titles have been translated into full-fledged songs with the release of their debut EP, ‘The Lost Youth’.

Featuring 8 tunes (5 new), ‘The Lost Youth’ is an epic, breathtaking articulation of their warm and simply magical sound. Don’t let the designation of EP fool you though; the record sounds as cohesive and tight-knit as a complete album, with the intro ‘Innocence’ flowing seamlessly into ‘Everything You Are’, the instrumental epitome of their discography. Amidst the familiar, previously-released singles that one can’t help but sing along to, you’ll find the determined and deeper tones of ‘Break Away’ as well as ‘Bad For You’, the lyrical embodiment of their message to their target audience that the EP title signifies. Meanwhile, the closing track, ‘Higher’, featuring the riveting vocal talents of Opposite The Other (the very same to grace the recent Seven Lions x Above & Beyond collaboration), finds itself as a fan favorite.

To Kyle Girard and Dylan Lee, the duo that forms the Midnight Kids project, ‘The Lost Youth’ represents much more than a huge milestone in their careers. Dylan comments, “The moment we started creating this EP, we knew it was for something bigger than just the music. It became an anthem for the people who think they are unheard, unseen and overlooked. It’s an anthem for us, an anthem for all Midnight Kids.”




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