MIZE Delivers Label Debut,“Thought Process,” via WAKAAN

On Friday, melodic Producer/DJ MIZE made his debut with the WAKAAN label via a brand new single, “Thought Process.”

MIZE—real name Ian Evans of Dothan, Alabama—began producing in 2012, but didn’t begin performing and recording professionally until 2017. He’s become well known in the bass scene for his hip-hop prevalent mixes and edits, as well as his own self-released originals. “Thought Process,” is his first official release with a label, and first downtempo release from WAKAAN this year.

Thought Process” is a changeup that reflects MIZE’s talent for sound design and ability to create deep, adventurous music. The song opens with synths and bird noises in the background before a booming bassline is introduced 20 seconds in. The synths eventually take off much like trance production, which was an early influence on Evans. The drop, which comes about a minute in, finds synths, basslines and dub production crashing together. 

“Thought Process” is a treat for any fan of WAKAAN or eclectic downtempo production. It makes for a wonderful debut single and adds intrigue to his EP, which is due out later this year.




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