MKJ Returns With A Chill, Ethnic Inspired New Banger: “Ghost”

Born in Iraqi Kurdistan, now residing in Texas, rising producer MKJ is expecting 2019 to be a year of huge milestones. 

With an already impressive back catalogue of successes including over 400 million streams of his international hit “Time,” support from tastemaker giants such as Chill Nation, The Vibe Guide, and Mr.Revillz and worldwide touring opportunities, MKJ is poised to become a household name.

If your week has been lacking vibrancy, all you need to get you in the mood for this weekend’s festivities is MKJ’s latest chill bop: “Ghost”. A gentle introduction rich with soft vocals, evolving textures and delicate, warm pads sets listeners up for an emotionally liberating journey. Moreover, tasteful instrumental execution and widely alluring production is coloured with breathy vocals and an ethnic flute driven drop.

With a touch of melancholy that pervades the mind, “Ghost” is every bit as divine as MKJ’s previous tracks and promises repeat listens to all of his fans.

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