MKJ Releases Follow Up EP To Viral Single “Time”

Texas deep house DJ-producer MKJ is no stranger to the spotlight.  His track “Time” went viral in China across social media platforms, and has gained substantial listens in other countries as well.  This sudden success skyrocketed MKJ’s career.  Now, he’s adding to that success with his latest EP, “Time After Time”.  The EP, a collection of six tracks, showcases a diverse selection of electronic styles. It begins with a brand new version of “Time” featuring the vocal talents of New York singer-songwriter “Evangelia”. The two worked together to create a vocal version of “Time” that added something fresh, but stayed true to the original sound:


“The lyrics for “Time” were directly inspired by the poem that MKJ paired with the instrumental version. Time is precious, it is the most valuable currency. This song is a reminder that our time on Earth is limited, and advises make the best of every moment … something we all need to be reminded of multiple times throughout our life.” - Evangelia

Additionally, the EP features instrumental dance track “New Dance” with a cinematic house vibe, as well as powerhouse collaborations with Killkid and Haukjem. MKJ also provides a fresh take on Evangelia’s debut single “Cold”. His remix adds a chilled-out, tropical vibe.  All in all, It’s strong contribution to MKJ’s already stellar catalogue of releases and an EP that is certainly worth a listen.

Stream “Time After Time” Here: