Mlapa Brings Colour And Energy With Latest Single “Colourgasm”

It doesn’t matter what your mood was before listening to Mlapa because each time one listens to any of his works, they cannot help but feel rejuvenated and alive.

Such is the Australian-based artist’s strength when it comes to connecting with his audience, through through texturally driven and unique sound design. In Mlapa’s newly released single “Colourgasm”, the artist taps into his own world of wonderful instrumental creations and vocal chops, to produce a mind-blowingly energetic work perfect for the club environment or chill nights with friends.

“It was 11pm, in an office in the middle of the provinces (in the South Phillipines), and there was not much going on. I wrote this song to brighten up my mood, and wrote it all in one session, staying up all night. The inspiration was there and I went for it.” -MLAPA

Every arc of this track is elevated by the production, rich in instrumental variety and balance. “Colourgasm” is indeed a dance-track that brings a vast array of musical elements combined with a melodious beat that will surely get you amped for the weekend!




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