MNI & Sofia Karlberg Team Up On Single ‘Come Along’

Brace yourself for an epic ride through the visionary experience that is MNI. The group has gone the anonymous route with the project, not revealing who they are, which always centers more attention around the music itself (a noble action in the world of music.)

“Come Along,” is the first release from them to land on CULTR and features much to unpack. Smooth-flowing house rhythm making it an easy to follow energy land in the ears of listeners – the guitar work and vocals giving it a feisty edge. The track simply satisfies on multiple levels. If you like what “Come Along,” has to offer, listen back to what they’ve released so far and you won’t be disappointed.

Not too deep into the project as of yet and MNI already is crossing the quarter-million threshold in terms of stream count collectively. The music speaks for itself, the numbers are there on top of it – plenty of momentum gravitating toward this group for all the right reasons.

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