Mokita Hits With New Single “Bad”

Taken from Kivila, a language native to Papua New Guinea, Mokita roughly translates to “the truth we all know but don’t talk about.” This phrase perfectly encapsulates Mokita’s mantra. The Nashville-based electro-pop producer has never been afraid to get deeply personal and explore dark personal themes such as anxiety and stress, and today is no different.

Recently, Mokita released his single “Bad.” Contagious, buoyant sound designs accompany Mokita’s chilled vocals. He sings about a romantic interest who is no good for him and messing with his head. However, he just can’t get that person out of his mind. The drop dives deeper into the danceable and catchy rhythms, guaranteed to hook any electro-pop enthusiast. The artwork is representative of the song’s themes, with the word “bad” being painted largely on a traffic sign. It goes to show the stubbornness of human nature, sometimes to our detriment.

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