Moksi Release Anticipated Album Titled ‘Free Moksi’

Free Moksi is more than just an album, but a symbolic statement they’ve been eager to get out into the world. Comprised of a total of 13 songs, the album builds upon years of hard work that has resulted in an intoxicating story of a dynamic duo. The album pushes power and confidence all in one go, each track having stand out personality that proves these two spent a huge chunk of time honing every detail to make it great.

Made up of members Samir and Diego, this album showcases a variety of genre influences, including French filter house, UK garage, and beyond. The two being Dutch and certainly being well-traveled, it’s no surprise they build in so many diverse elements all in one go with this album.

The change of pace gave us the opportunity to reconnect with the other important things in our lives. Our families, friends, and home life, really. In turn, that time off touring subconsciously tethered us to the music that grasped us way back when and to the young bucks we were before this crazy beautiful adventure started. It really gave us a new sense of focus and brought us back to our cores and the essence of what Moksi is.
– Moksi

The cat is officially out of the bag and the genie cannot be put back into the bottle. This album was simply meant to be and fits right in with the ecstatic body of work these to have been building up.




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