Molly Parton Calls For Unity With “Americans”

Constantly challenging the status quo with his sound and forward message, Molly Parton creates a shining testament of strength and togetherness in his newest. Taking a powerful stance in the world of country music, Molly Parton advocates for the side of country music rooted in powerful storytelling and community, themes which, in his words, “are integral to understanding and being an advocate for many of the civil rights battles being fought around the world today.” Despite its lighthearted production, “Americans” is a Herculean call for unity.

“When we wrote this song a year ago, we weren’t planning on releasing it during such an incredibly important and pivotal time.  And while it’s a hard time to be excited about releasing music, as the release date we’d planned got closer, we did a lot of thinking about why we wrote this song in the first place.

Growing up, we’re taught that America was founded as a refuge for people seeking freedom. To oppressors looking to limit that freedom, we Americans triumphantly wave the American flag, under which we proudly stand, defiant and united. One nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all! We must then ask ourselves: how did we end up building a society that mistreats those that look, feel, or love differently than we do? We talk of a ‘great melting pot,’ but time and time again we draw lines around what we know and point fingers at what we don’t understand.  

One of the things that makes the most proud about the Molly Parton project has been how excited people in the country music industry have been about an artist challenging the status quo. I am thrilled to be among people who believe that a genre is not tied to political beliefs, nor defined by them, but rather as we all should be, critical of its past and passionate about its future. Country music is rooted in powerful storytelling, struggle, heartbreak, and community — themes which are integral to understanding and being an advocate for many of the civil rights battles being fought around the world today.  

We are the American people, and this song is a testament to what that should mean.”
 – Molly Parton





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