Monstercat Drop Custom ‘Instinct’ Merch Designs In Animal Crossing

It’s no doubt that during the on-going quarantine everyone is seeking for ways to entertain themselves. With countless social media engagements, like the seemingly endless memes that feature Blathers, Nintendo Switch game Animal Crossing is the biggest winner in gaming. Having only been released last month, the second edition “New Horizons” has quickly become one of the top choices amongst both hardcore and casual gamers. It boasts record-breaking sales, including a new digital sales record by selling more digital units in a single calendar month than any other console game in history. Canadian record label Monstercat has always had a very close relationship with gaming culture and has now extended that to the world of Animal Crossing.

Within the game, you can hang out with friends, go on virtual dates, and kit your character out with a huge variety of custom designs including sneakers, hats, jackets, and jerseys. While some enjoy designing their home, others focus on crafting unique clothes to express themselves and “flex” on friends and NPCs alike.

To design your gear in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can head over to the Tailor Shop and if you have a creator code you can pick up custom designs made by others. While we are not able to flex our style on the streets, within the game you can drop some bells and pick up some fresh merch ahead of your next visit to your friend’s island.

One such fresh outfit that players have flocked to is a version of a rare, $2,000 jacket from Acronym Gear, which looks strikingly accurate to the real version. It originally popped up on the ACNHstreetwear subreddit, which is dedicated to streetwear enthusiasts playing the game.

Joining in on the fun is Monstercat. The label has dropped animated versions of their latest Instinct collection, which look like the real thing with astounding fidelity. If you’re eager to get your virtual hands on them, head to the custom designs portal via the Tailor Shop and use the special creator code MA-4725-7663-1884.

For extra fan points, you can get your real hands on them and pick them up in real life via their online store if you fancy. Now you can flex your Monstercat gear virtually and in real life.




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