Morgan Page Classic ‘Longest Road’ Gets A New Remix

Morgan Page’s on a roll recently with his recent collaboration with Swanky Tunes, his single “Let You Go” and his Born To Fly EP earlier in the year. Now he revisits his classic “Longest Road” on its 10 year anniversary, the celebratory release includes a 6 year old mix from Vicetone that was once a bootleg, Deadmau5’s classic mix and and Steff De Campo drops a signature piano fuelled future house cut to give us something new and fresh! Morgan dropped us with his thoughts on the song and how the package came about and dropped us insight into how he Lissie developed the lyrics for the track.

”Remixes are all about giving a song new life. Some strip the song to the essentials – others add new elements, chord progressions, and arrangement changes. Over the years there have been hundreds of Longest Road remixes, but one really stood out. In 2012 Vicetone made a bootleg mix that blew me away – it’s still part of my live sets. It’s progressive and epic, but timeless and still sounds fresh. I love when a bootleg mix goes viral. They didn’t ask permission – they just did it, and it started racking up hundreds of thousands of plays (now in the millions). I love licensing these mixes and making them legit. Steff da Campo knocked his mix out of the park – It’s powerful but playful. I play it early in my sets to get the mood started right. He’s doing amazing work and really came through. I’m so excited to announce that each of these remixes, including the original deadmau5 version, are officially out today as part of the 10 Year Anniversary of The Longest Road!”





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