Wake Up to Morning Maxwell's 'Lost My Love'

Today we get the pleasure of premiering a brand new, freshly chilled release from Melbourne talent, MorningMaxwell who this week drops a new EP titled ‘Escape’. The emotive lead single ‘Lost My Love’ expertly blends soothing and seductive vocals of starlet Velvet Bloom with euphoric synths and a wide soundscape, in all creating a soulful delicate house record we’ve been vibe-ing to since it landed in our inbox.

With an appreciation for the unusual, MorningMaxwell - a typically eccentric and high-energy artist based out of Melbourne showcases a never before seen side on the EP. A true getaway from the thumping bass-lines, Escape is described by Max as “the soulful escape, the perfect Sunday chillers, on the way to work vibers, and kick your feet up tea sippers”.

Maxwell, keep them coming morning or night! ‘Escape’ will be available on all stores on the 24th of April 2019, so add it to your playlists and get your chill on.