Most Expensive Food Delivery? Popeyes Sends A Jet To Diplo With Sold-Out Chicken Sandwiches

While you might feel guilty ordering that pepperoni pizza or tub of ice cream from UberEats/Postmates/Deliveroo/Insert Your Countries App, some food companies have taken food delivery to the extreme. Sometimes all it takes is a tweet for your simplest dreams to come true, that is if you’re famous.

Popeyes is currently amidst a craze of it’s “Chicken Sandwich”. The chaos that has ensued its launch in mid-august has caused a painful moment for its workers with lines around the block all day long. The now sold-out burger doesn’t come with anything drastically new but it’s quality clearly caught the tastebuds of users and among them Diplo.

During his post-VMA’s celebrations which he was nominated for his Dua Lipa and Mark Ronson collab ‘Electricity’, he shared a video of himself behind the counter of popeyes serving up some of the countries favourite fast food item. The video apparently caught their attention and so they decided to stock him with some more.

Wind forward to yesterday, and while the burger is currently unavailable across the nation Diplo shared a photo from the runway at Burning Man standing in the doorway of a jet with Popeye’s logo. In his hands, he’s holding two fairly large bags filled with the sought after Chicken Sandwiches.

Whether it was a co-ordinated PR stunt or social media at it’s finest, we’re loving the content and we’re a little jealous. However, Popeyes are working to get them back in stock at locations around the country.




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