MØTH Drops Stunning Debut Single “Intergalactic PØV”

“Follow the MØTH” is the slogan of multitalented, LA-based artist MØTH, who is only getting started with her exciting career in music. Apart from composing and recording her own songs, MØTH is a charismatic visual artist, creating and producing theatrical music videos spotlighting the finest dancers, actors, gymnasts and more within the underground LA art scene. “Follow the MØTH” urges new listeners and fans to “seek out” the artist’s various projects, and we couldn’t be more excited to be with her on her journey. 

MØTH just teamed up with producer Shuhandz to release her debut single “Intergalactic PØV,” a stunning effort, filled with subtle, trap-inspired percussion and ethereal melodies, and accompanied by an engaging visual. Directed by MØTH and producer ZANE, the music video follows actors and dancers Ariana Rosado and Antonio Martinez, as they connect in the middle of the city, before being transported into the galaxy as they dance with the stars. 

“I wrote this song about an impactful connection I had with an ex-lover,” explains MØTH. “We would get high and watch Cosmos and nature documentaries and fill in ridiculous voices and give characters to the animals. Most of our relationship was spent laughing over silly inside jokes together that it really felt like it was “Us” against “the World” in life. In my song, ‘Intergalactic PØV,’ I wanted to recreate that feeling of finding someone and connecting as artists or ‘outsiders’ from the rest of the world. They cause a glitch that allows them to journey out into the galaxy to look down and laugh at the mundane routines of the everyday world they escaped from through their love, a universe of its own.“


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