Mozambo Release Funky EP: ‘Crazy Beef’

Mozambo bring their newest EP Crazy Beef to Unity. The five track package is full of wonderful French disco house that is sure to make you smile.

Born and raised in the French southern city of Marseille, Mozambo are a French DJ and producers duo, already well known in the international house music scene. Today, they share stages with artists such as Breakbot, Synapson, Supermen Lovers, Bakermat and Cerrone. Experiencing one of the duo’s singular performances is to get a taste of their refined groove and their unique approach to the fusion of old school and modern sounds.

The EP presents a fresh yet familiar sound in the many productions. They are a must listen for any disco house fans with that French touch.

“We wanted to make a record as if we were in the early 2000s. We didn’t try to be fashionable nor be in today’s codes. We just wanted to have fun and continue to defend this timeless music.” explained Mozambo




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