Mt. Sierra Impresses With All-Encompassing House Vibe Titled ‘6AM In Vegas’

Mt Sierra knows how to entertain the senses and “6AM In Vegas,” is a riveting example of how he does it. The single contains complexity and technicality that plays as a positive. Bright and sunny basslines and melodies repeat in a hypnotically rudimental fashion, taking the listener to a place that’s all it’s own. The club-oriented tune throws in a nice blend of vocal samples too, both masculine and feminine, adding a nice touch to an already solid vibe. Considering the name and the theme at hand, everything syncs up nicely in terms of the creative direction Mt. Sierra decided to go on this one.

Mt. Sierra is a rising artist who has climbed to where he is today via his multi-faceted experience he’s worked hard for. On top of putting himself in the studio, he’s been educated by mentors over at Icon Collective, has made many releases through previous aliases, and strives to output well-rounded sounds that contribute something unique to electronic music culture.

“6AM In Vegas,” is the final off an EP that has been rolling out single by single, Mt. Sierra’s Spotify shows quite in uptick in steams, proving he’s certainly on to something with this particular project.




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