Mumbai Producer Sandunes Debuts New EP “11:11”

Mumbai-based Sandunes has been making waves across the Internet as of late, and today she’s proving why with her brand new EP “11:11.”

Sandunes is the project of producer Sanaya Aredeshir. The lead single, title track “11:11”, gained positive praise from many corners of the blogosphere for it’s experimental flourishes; shimmering synths float over organic drumming and is accompanied by fellow Indian musicians Landslands, whose vocals match the mood of the piece perfectly.

Another standout the most jazz-y track on the project “Glock”, featuring the sounds of (you guessed it) a glockenspiel. “Shift”‘s synths build with a grace and ease that feels epic yet oddly soothing at the same time, while the nearly 6-minute closer “Ever Bridge” also carries jazz inspirations while also feeling uniquely modern, evoking modern electronica acts such as Bonobo and Emancipator. The EP also features an instrumental rendition of “11:11”, that serves to showcase Aredeshir’s brilliance as a musician yet again.

“Once the scratches of this material came together, and we’d decided to record a bunch of drums on all of the tunes – the whole feel of this batch of music wanted to be half-way between an organic world and a synthesised/metronomical/digital world,” says Aredeshir of the project. Indeed, her use of effortlessly blending organic with digital sounds feels natural, as if it’s the way these sounds were meant to come together. If this EP is any indication, Sandunes is primed to become one of the next major power players in experimental electronica.

Our London friends can catch Sandunes live at The Pickle Factory on September 12th, so get prepared by streaming the “11:11” EP in its entirety below:




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