5 Music Industry Interviews Worth Checking: Lyor Cohen, Joe Kay, Scooter Braun & More

Wether they run the biggest music platform or manage the artists topping the charts, here are a selection of must see/listen interviews and documentaries on influential music business players who hold knowledge and advice that’s allowed them to get to the top of the game and stay there.

Kicking off we have Lyor Cohen’s ‘Blueprint’ interview with Complex, who as you may know helped build Def Jam, sold it at the Peake of the music industry became a key player at Warner then left to started his own label 300 and now runs YouTube’s music offering.

Scooter Braun, the famous manager of Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Jack & Shay, and at times Kanye West was invited to site down with Google and he speaks on his early days breaking into music, how his first job didn’t work out. He talks crypto currency, the mental strength of his artists through crisis and much more.

If you’ve not heard of the legendary Shep Gordan, sit back and enjoy this documentary about one of the most accidental success stories in entertainment. He managed Alice Cooper after meeting Jimi Hendrix in a motel and before long he was controlling the media with outrage in order to get his clients famous. The movie was directed by Mike Myers and includes amazing stories and timeless lessons.

Listen to Ross Golan sit down with Mike Caren on this episode of “And The Writer Is” a podcast we’re big fans of which the host a famous songwriter himself brings on some of the global music minds behind billions of streams worldwide. Mike Caren if you’re unfamiliar with is the CEO of Artist partner Group and the head of A&R Worldwide for Warner Music that started as a songwriter himself.

To celebrate 300 episodes of Soulection, they put together a mini-documentary on how Joe Kay and his team went global with his Sound Of Tomorrow movement. From humble days on their own in LA to leading UK radio station Rinse FM and Redbull, to it’s current home at Apple on Beats 1 where he has hosted interviews with Mac Miller, G Eazy, Jhene Aiko, Ta-Ku and continues to deliver an hour of amazing music from their collective and new talent around the globe every week.




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