Music Platform Black Bandcamp Relaunches As Black Artist Database

Community based platform Black Bandcamp officially relaunches as Black Artist Database (aka B.A.D.). Born out of last year’s Black Lives Matter movement and the global pandemic, a ‘reset’ and reflection began globally, with structural inequality finally being acknowledged. This momentum was key to Black Artist Database growing and becoming a widely embraced, vital resource for music consumers.

Launching the week of this month’s Bandcamp Friday, the new platform will continue to provide direct links to Bandcamp and individual website profiles of artists and creatives from all corners of the globe, including Australasia, Africa, Europe, North, Central, South America, and beyond. With recently added new search functionalities including; location, field, genre, and name, users can truly immerse themselves and engage with the database to discover new and emerging artists and creatives, giving users an easy and accessible way to navigate.

“We are very excited to partner with B.A.D.who are leading the way in terms of supporting and shining the spotlight on Black artists and music producers. We’ve created a bespoke promo code for the B.A.D. community which will give special access to the Mixcloud Pro tool kit to enable livestreaming, uploading and generating an income on a licensed platform!” – Nico Perez, Co-founder and CEO, Mixcloud

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