Music Videos You Need To Watch

Salvatore Ganacci’s new track is here and with it, expected hilarity. ‘Horse‘ is a story that can be interpreted in a number of ways, however the main story here would be about animal cruelty and getting a taste of your own medicine. It’s best to watch it for yourself but let’s just say you shouldn’t hurt animals when Salvatore is around.

With their track ‘Motives‘ gaining tremendous support already, PLS&TY has released its tragically romantic and cinematic accompanying music video. Told through a gritty, vintage film style, the video’s narrative follows a young couple on a wild, adrenaline-inducing journey from riches to handcuffs, acting out their fates as a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde.

In the past week, Illenium has released music videos for two of his tracks, ‘Pray’ and ‘Crashing’. The videos are two parts of the same story, with ‘Crashing‘ continuing ‘Pray‘s story. The videos have Bahari singing under the glow of streetlights in the dead of night as cars speed towards each other on a collision course. The sonic eloquence offsets the cinematic intensity as the video immediately entrances and engages.


The stunning ‘More Than You’ music video tells the story of a love affair with the night. This symbolic representation of the ‘night’, that she (Lexy Panterra) just can’t seem to fend off, shadows her throughout her day. Directed by Zane Productions, the video was filmed across various historic Los Angeles locations, the video depicts how the night can set us free; giving us more than the monotony and repetitiveness that our routine, everyday lives may offer.





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